November 19, 2023: Public reading of sections from a new based onThe Life to Come with the Talea Ensemble

Fall 2023 Bogliasco Foundation Residency

June 29, 2023: World Premiere of Anthems with line upon line percussion in Brooklyn

May 17, 2023: World Premiere of Neville Park with the Ensemble NeuverBand in Basel, CH

March 2023: A dog is a machine for loving, Austrian premieres, with the new "Part V: Mabel"

November 2022: US/UK performances of there are only two ways to see inside someone for solo violin and electronics

April 30, 2022: UK Premiere of SPIN with the Riot Ensemble in London

November 19, 2021: World Premiere of SPIN by Ensemble Dal Niente in New York City

October 30, 2021: Premiere of CREDO: A Surveillance Mass with the Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble

September 26, 2021: Premiere of The National Anthem at the Graham Sommer Competition in Montreal

September 12, 2021: Premiere of the water’s memory, the memory of sand , a new piece written for the Bozzini Quartet at the 2021 Gaudeamus Festival

August 2021: Awarded a City Artist Corps grant for CREDO: A Surveillance Mass

OUT/WITH/IN: October 31, 2020. Governors Island, NY

October 13, 2020: A portrait concert of solo works with electronics with the Schallfeld Ensemble and the IEM Graz

European premiere :: Getting to We with soundinitiative in Paris

Participant in the Quatuor Bozzini 2020 Composer's Kitchen in Montreal and Gaudeamus

Selected as a finalist for the 2020 Graham Sommer Competition at McGill University

Alec Hall awarded the 2019 Jules Léger Prize for New Chamber Music

2020 Styria Artist-in-Residence

Fromm Foundation announces 2019 Commissions

A dog is a machine for loving, Moscow premiere

World premiere :: a new mini-opera, Getting to We, by soundinitiative in New York

World premiere :: A dog is a machine for loving, performed by Stephane Ginsburgh

"28 Hours" :: Ensemble Ipse performs recent music for string quartet

Project-Q :: Dead Republicans for Patrick Higgins and the MIVOS Quartet

"PRÄSENTE·PRESENTS (for Alwynne)" :: A musical compendium of generational birthday presents

Tenri Cultural Institute :: Solo violin and electronics peformance

World Premiere :: God Keep Our Land, Glorious and Rich for Quasar Saxophone Quartet + live electronics

21st Century Sound Stories :: New works at the intersection of opera and music theatre

World premiere :: "Vertigo with Ensemble Proton Bern

LIMINAL :: November 15-20, 2017: One Brooklyn Bridge Park

Liminal describes that which occupies both sides of a boundary or a threshold; Qubit is excited to exhibit four physically immersive works from a team of diverse artists, musicians and architects working at the far reaches of their respective fields. Throughout the course of five days, Liminal will feature a series of performances alongside an exhibition of work by Dani Dobkin, Mengtai Zhang, Alec Hall, and the architecture collective : (pronounced colon). See More

  • Nov. 15, Opening Reception, 6-9 p.m., performances by Snygün (Jeff Snyder and Cenk Ergün), Philip White
  • Nov. 19, 4pm, performances by Alec Hall, Lester St. Louis and Martin Hiendl; Sam Yulsman, Gabrielle DaCosta and Justin Cabrillos
  • Nov. 20, 7:30pm, performance by Weston Olencki and Brandon Lopez