Moments BoBo(aux)

“Sometimes, in our modern era, the qualities of an object’s (re)presentation can overshadow the essence of the object itself. Sometimes, what we really want isn’t the object at all, but rather the space between it and ourselves. Sometimes, all we really want is to rhizomatically reflect on the causality mechanism of the range, and it’s relationship to my granite counters. They’re from an imported Italian marble dealer in Gowanus, but I’m concerned about the radon levels, so we joined a CSA to get local, farm-to-table organic produce. They give us kale, sometimes.”

The title, a word play on Schubert’s Moments Musicaux, but altered instead for Paris’ Bohemian-Bourgeois class—les BoBos—signifies the work’s attempt to amplify the awkward moments where BoBos and Hipsters (perhaps now the “Artisanal Brooklyn” culture) alike become trapped in a mise-en-abime of ironic sentiment, torn between the urge to be culturally rebellious and to indulge in bourgeois hedonism at the same time.

PREMIERE March 29, 2013. Josh Modney, Jessie Marino, Dave Broome, Filip Noterdaeme.
LOCATION Flamboyan Theatre, New York City
PERSONNEL Violin, Violoncello, Piano, Actor
TECHNOLOGY Contact Microphones, amplification