The eponymous work by Gerhard Richter is a reflection on simultaneous interactions between the representational and the abstract. A paysage is proposed, with a sharply disjunctive abstract counterpoint that keeps its distance from the background. Only occasionally do the two planes of existence converge.

Venice is a piece about these types of relationships. The brutal violation of New York City by Hurricane Sandy can be seen through such a lens, but more importantly, so can our global relationship to climate change. Our collective inaction leads to another disjunctive relationship: a society whose future can only be seen within a museum gallery.

While I used a wide array of sounds to create the electronic material, the bulk of the sounds were recorded in the Museum of Natural History, and on the streets of Manhattan in the powerless zone, following the aftermath of Sandy.

PREMIERE March 12, 2013. JACK Quartet.
LOCATION The DiMenna Center for Classical Music, New York City
PERSONNEL String Quartet
TECHNOLOGY 4-channel audio, tape with click