Questionable Intent (2014)

In any power-hierarchical society with a media-driven culture, we are surrounded by lies, untruths, and falsehoods. They come in a variety of forms, and most of them are delivered in attractive packaging, whether pretty, noble, courageous, or poetic. It is easy to see through the gloss; to understand that the true genius of the politician’s lie is actually how deep it goes, how marvelous is the spin in order to conceal the simple truth.

We are never privy to the un-spun. The idea of pure unadulterated fact in such media as advertising, new reporting, or politicians’ speeches is so unimaginable that it is actually its own tragic-comic genre (for example, Tom Shadyac’s 1999 film, Liar Liar, or The Onion, an entire publication dedicated to such a concept)

Questionable Intent is a piece that reveals the inner contents of these moments through sonic deconstruction and live instrumental re-synthesis. The pageantry, the effects, the false narratives; these are all subject to the same process, where the final result is just a truer form of the lie.

OPENING February 12-14, 2014
SHOW Machine Music, Qubit
LOCATION Flamboyan Theatre, New York City
MATERIALS Four Yamaha Disklaviers, video projection