The House of Influence

An unnamed lobbyist purveys a stolen bioweapon on the cryptomarket before arriving at a social media celebrity house in Los Angeles, and finally at a Twitter Bot factory in regions unknown. With a libretto by Dan J. McLaughlin O'Neil, the characters find themselves entangled amidst a widening morass of advertisements and social media. As the lines blur between themselves and their surroundings, the lobbyist takes flight to alternative dimensions, spanning the physically discrete to the virtual, beyond the singularity and into the post-Human.

PREMIERE April 28, 2018
LOCATION Project-Q, New York City
PERSONNEL Directed by Joshua William Gelb
Libretto by Dan O'Neil and Alec Hall
Lighting and stage design by Marika Kent
Movement choreography by Katie Rose McLaughlin

Jeff Gavett - Baritone
Charlotte Mundy - Soprano

Peformed by TAK Ensemble:
Laura Cocks - Flute
Carlos Cordeiro - Clarinets
Marina Kifferstein - Violin
Ellery Trafford - Percussion

Emily Pacilio and Emily Craver – Cryptobros
COMMISSIONER Qubit, New York State Council on the Arts
TECHNOLOGY Live audio processing, sample playback, live video capture, dual video projection, lighting, costumes, smoke machine, site specificity