CREDO: A Surveillance Mass

Every era has its Mass, shifting choral compositions set to the invariable liturgy of the Eurcharist. Credo combines the traditional communal gesture of liturgical prayer with the contemporary gestures of digital communications. CREDO celebrates our new technoreligion, as we congregate by algorithm, confess through our phones, and put our memories and hopes in the Cloud. This five movement multi-media collaboration between composer Alec Hall, video artist Bernhard Fasenfest, and poet Vanessa Place draws upon personal Google data as well as harvested online media.

CREDO is currently three movements, with the remaining two to be completed in 2022.

PREMIERE October 30, 2021. Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble
LOCATION The Riverside Theatre, New York City
PERSONNEL Six singers: soprano, mezzo soprano, counter-tenor, tenor, baritone, bass
TECHNOLOGY tape with click, video